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neuropad 10-Minute Screening Test (Trade Price – Box of 12)

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neuropad® is a patented 10-minute screening test for the early detection of diabetic foot syndrome; a condition which can lead to serious complications such as foot ulceration and even amputation.

Contains one box of 12 neuropad® screening test packs (2 pads per pack).

Why neuropad?

Think of the test as an early warning system for your feet. Preventing a foot ulcer from developing is preferable to treating one.

Nerve damage to the feet is a common complication of diabetes, but is often not noticed until it has become quite advanced, potentially leading to serious complications.

neuropad® helps to solve this problem with a simple colour change test and provides an early warning sign of possible more serious nerve damage, which could lead to ulceration and even more serious problems if left untreated.

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Product description

Product description

Description of product

One box of 12 Neuropad test packs (2 pads per pack)

Ingredients declaration

Substrate: transparent polyolefin film (medically modified). Adhesive: hypoallergenic medical grade polyacrylate glue. Indicator pad: 100% viscose, binder reinforced, impregnated with CoCl2 solution. Legal classification: CE medical device class I.

Contraindications / Advice

Keep away from heat > 25°c and keep away from moisture.

Additional information

Additional information

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