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Shipping is free of charge for orders of one (1) or more boxes of 12 screening tests or two (2) or more boxes of foot foam canisters (12 canisters per box).

Smaller orders are subject to shipping charges.

NHS customers

To fulfil an NHS prescription, the Neuropad® test (minimum of 12 test packs per order) may be ordered from our wholesale distributor

Neuropad screening test

use coupon code TAXFREE to purchase neuropad screening tests vat free. Applies only to Neuropad screening tests (single or bulk packs). By applying the coupon code, you acknowledge that you are a patient with diabetes and the patches are for personal use only. Coupon code does not apply to the Neuropad foot foam. If you represent an organisation which is registered for VAT, you cannot claim VAT exemption and VAT will be applied.

neuropad® is a patented 10-minute screening test for the early detection of diabetic foot syndrome; a condition which can lead to serious complications such as foot ulceration and even amputation. The test is completely painless.

Screening tests can either be bought as single packs, containing 2 patches (one for each foot) or in boxes of 12, again with each pack containing a patch for each foot.

Neuropad foot relief foam

neuropad® Foot Repair Foam is an emollient (moisturiser) which has been specially developed to help protect your feet by keeping them soft and hydrated, helping the external layers of the skin to become softer and more pliable. It is free from lanolin and perfume, is non-greasy, and contains natural plant extracts.

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