New IDDT foot care booklet

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Entirely funded by the IDDT, Diabetes: Looking After Your Feet is a comprehensive guide to one of the most common complications of diabetes – diabetic peripheral neuropathy, medically known as distal symmetric polyneuropathy involving motoric, sensoric and autonomic deficits.

Worryingly, in the forward to the booklet the IDDT draw attention to a recent (2015) analysis of NHS data by Diabetes UK which states that 414,784 people in England did not have an annual diabetic foot check which is 27.7% of people with Type 1 diabetes and 13.3% with Type 2 in England on average, with wide regional variation. This places significant numbers of people at elevated risk of eventual foot ulceration which may have a poor prognosis.

The IDDT hope that the new booklet will help people with diabetes to take action to look after their feet and to remain vigilant for unusual signs and symptoms.

Diabetes: Looking After Your Feet can be obtained free of charge by phoning the IDDT on 01604 622837 or by visiting and following the relevant link. The booklet can also be downloaded in PDF format.